Looking for Ways to Lower Your Monthly Expenses?

Looking for Ways to Lower Your Monthly Expenses?

Talk to Michigan Refrigeration & Mechanical about geothermal services!

Sick of receiving high gas and electric bills through the frigid Michigan winter? Installing a geothermal heat pump could be a great solution for you. You don't have to rely on electricity or natural gas to heat your property. You could save up to 70% on your monthly utility bill after your geothermal installation!

In addition to saving monthly, you can take advantage of great tax incentives with your geothermal installation.

How do geothermal services work?

Unlike the cool air temperature that is constantly changing, the temperature below your home or office stays constant. To have this work in your advantage:

  • A compressor pulls in the cool air.
  • The cool air is then dispersed through pipes located underground where it will heat up to the grounds temperature.
  • The warm air will loop back to your compressor
  • Your compressor will then circulate the warm air throughout your property.

Geothermal services can be used to heat and cool your home and office, and can also be used to heat your water. Call Michigan Refrigeration & Mechanical today to schedule your geothermal installation.